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Our conferences are made possible by the people of the Pensacola Bay Area. In our conferences, people tell us what they like to do in 5 minutes using a power point presentation with 15 slides. This gives us an idea of things that maybe we could bring to the Pensacola Bay Area to help create a better living experience for you and the entire Pensacola Bay Area. If you are interested in presenting to Ignite Pensacola, please feel free to contact us by visiting our contact page and sending us an email!

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Your Tax Relief Attorney Comes To The Rescue

With tax season just around the corner, a number of individuals are in desperate need of tax relief. From back taxes to wage garnishments, the IRS has made it difficult for people to effectively secure financial freedom. At Top Tax Defenders, their tax experts are committed to protecting the rights of taxpayers. With over 27 years of extensive industry experience, they can help clients resolve all IRS tax problems within time and budget.

From lien removals and tax preparation to audit representation, they offer a myriad of services to help customers at every turn. Clients also have access to top-flight attorneys and tax specialists that can alleviate their financial tax burdens.

The IRS has unlimited tax debt collection methods. This includes tax liens, levies, wage garnishing, and endless streams of calls. These obstacles can seriously impact an individual's personal and professional life. At Top Tax Defenders, they understand the intricate and complex nature of the IRS.

As a result, they can formulate strategic plans to ensure tax relief for clients. With highly dedicated tax professionals and lawyers, customers can get immediate assistance with tax debt reduction and un-filed returns. Cost-affordable payment plans can also be created to restore their peace of mind.

To counter IRS notices, clients need a tax relief company they can trust. For more information on tax debt solutions, customers can contact Top Tax Defenders. Pensacola Bay residents can also contact Ignite Pensacola to discuss area tax relief, or submit slide presentations on their favorite interests.

3 Debt Relief Tips

When debt becomes too heavy a burden to bear the temptation is to ignore the debt and hope it will somehow resolve itself. This short-term solution may appear to work, particularly with money owed to the government, but without a long-term solution, such as consulting Top Tax Defenders, things will only get worse. Here are three tips for anyone finding themselves in need of debt relief.

Analyze the situation – Make a list of all debts and the interest rates for each. Determine whether a lowering of interest rates would solve the immediate problem. Do not forget money owed to the federal government such as student loans and taxes. Despite what many believe, income tax relief is obtainable.

Make a plan – For each type of debt determine the best course of action. In some cases, a debt consolidation loan or a consolidation of credit card debt onto one card with a lower interest rate can provide the necessary debt relief. Beware of introductory rates or cash advances, they can hurt as much as help.

Seek appropriate help – Once the situation is understood, and options have been analyzed, seek help, if necessary. If seeking tax relief for the government, look to Top Tax Defenders for advice. For relief from credit card debt consider consulting a credit counseling service or finding a bankruptcy attorney.

Avoiding problems seldom works for long and especially with money problems. The only way to find a permanent solution is to face one's debts head on find help.